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Utilising Breathing Apparatus During a Response to an Incident

This course refreshes the skills and knowledge required to operate self-contained breathing apparatus in incident response situations, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment as required by the Australian Standard (AS/NZS 1715:2009).

This course is suitable for workers who hold roles in emergency response teams at any position within an organisation’s structure.

ERGT Required Skills & Knowledge

  • MSMWHS216 Operate breathing apparatus or equivalent

Learning Outcomes
The expected learning outcomes for this Certificate of Currency are the ability to:

  • Conduct pre-donning checks and tests on breathing apparatus
  • Operate breathing apparatus
  • Conclude operations in accordance with procedures

Structure & Assessment
This course is delivered through classroom presentation with group discussion and practical exercises within a simulated workplace environment.
Trainees are required to demonstrate their competence through successful completion of a practical assessment exercise, which includes making the breathing apparatus functioning i.e. completing appropriate pre-use checks, donning and operating the gear. Then, carrying out a search and rescue task to locate and retrieve a casualty from a smoke filled environment.

On successful completion trainees will be issued with a:

  • Certificate of Currency in Operate Breathing Apparatus

Skills Maintenance
In alignment with industry expectations and to ensure ongoing competence and capability, ERGT recommends skills maintenance be conducted every two (2) years.

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Upon successful completion trainees will be issued with a Certificate of Currency in:

  • Operate Breathing Apparatus

Also Known as

BA IR Breathing Apparatus for Incident Response SCBA Self Contained Breathing Apparatus BAIR Breathing Apparatus Skills Maintenance Breathing Apparatus Refresher

Common Occupations

Volunteer emergency response team members, Tradesperson, Electrician, Welder, Mechanic, Welder, Boilermaker, Plumber, Sparky, Trade Assistant, TA, Technician, Mechanical, Fitter, Mechanical Technician, HSE, Scaffolder, Rigger, Operations Team Member, Maintenance Team Member, Crane Operator, Health Safety & Environment Personnel

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