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Fast Rescue Craft NRT

Learn Fast Rescue Craft Operations

ERGT Australia’s Fast Rescue Craft course delivers the skills and knowledge required to carry out fast rescue craft operations including maintaining fast rescue craft, taking charge of a
fast rescue craft during and after launch as well as locating and retrieving casualties.

Individuals attending this course will be from the Maritime and Offshore Oil and Gas industries responsible for the operation of a Fast Rescue Craft and require an understanding of the rescue techniques for personnel in the water.

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Learning Outcomes

The expected learning outcomes for the Nationally Recognised Training unit MARF016 Carry out fast rescue craft operations are:

  • Maintain fast rescue craft for operations
  • Prepare fast rescue craft and crew for operations
  • Take charge of fast rescue craft during and after launch
  • Respond to emergencies or malfunctions involving craft, equipment and crew
  • Locate and retrieve casualties
  • Recover fast rescue craft

The STCW standard for competency for fast rescue craft (Table A VI/2-2) outcomes include the ability to:

  • Understand the construction, maintenance, repair and outfitting of fast rescue boats
  • Take charge of the launching equipment and appliances as commonly fitted, during launch and recovery
  • Take charge of a fast rescue boat, as commonly fitted, during launch and recovery
  • Take charge of a fast rescue boat after launching
  • Operate a fast rescue boat engine

Training Standard Pre-requisites
STCW pre-requisite only; a Proficiency in Survival Craft other than Fast Rescue Boats as per STCW Reg VI/2-1. This pre-requisite is not required to successfully obtain the NRT outcome.

ERGT Required Skills and Knowledge
Evidence of the following prior skills and knowledge must be provided to ERGT for verification prior to course commencement in order to be eligible to issued with both the NRT and STCW certifications:

  • Sea Survival Training (to Standard Personal Survival Techniques STCW Reg VI/1 and Code Section A-VI/1, Table A-VI/1-1 or equivalent)
  • First Aid (To Standard Elementary First Aid STCW Reg VI/1 and Code Section A-VI/1, Table A-VI/1-3 or equivalent)

ERGT Desired Skills and Knowledge
In order for ERGT to deliver the training and assessment in the timeframe specified for this course, it is desirable (but not mandatory) that trainees come to the course with a specific range of skills and knowledge as listed:


  • Maritime experience on coastal or larger vessels
  • Watch-keeping skills
  • Emergency Response for vessels at sea


  • Knowledge of ships procedures
  • Hazards and Risks in the maritime environment
  • Common types of emergencies at sea
  • Abandonment procedures

Medical and Health Standards
A medical certificate is not required for this course, however a health questionnaire and declaration of fitness will be required at course registration. Please contact ERGT for any concerns regarding completion of practical training and assessment requirements and to discuss options for reasonable adjustments.

Additional Requirements
A government issued photo identification and valid USI are required for course registration.
Trainees to bring a change of clothing/warmer clothes for exercises out on the water.

Note – AMSA approved certification is an additional cost (not paid by ERGT) when presenting certificate to AMSA.

It is an AMSA requirement to successfully revalidate Fast Rescue Craft (STCW Reg VI/2) every 5 years.

Authority / Regulator
Nationally Recognised Training is regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), which is the national regulator for Australia’s vocational education and training sector.
STCW training delivered in Australia is regulated by AMSA, which is Australia’s national agency responsible for maritime safety.

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Also Known as
AMSA Fast Rescue Boat Fast Rescue Craft FRB FRC STCW
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