Global Wind Organisation Basic Safety Training Onshore – First Aid Module Perth

Approved and regulated by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO), ERGT’s Basic Safety Training (BST) First Aid module has been developed to address the specific risks associated with the unique work environment of the onshore wind sector and aims to train participants to respond to medical emergencies in order to save lives and prevent further injury.

In this module participants will learn to identify and assess common workplace injuries, provide immediate care, and employ appropriate first aid techniques.

The potential to be working in a confined nacelle, 90m or more off the ground, in a geographically isolated location with only vertical ladderways for access means it is imperative that workers have adequate training to maintain personal safety and to respond in the event of an emergency.v

Structure and Assessment
This course is delivered through classroom presentations, group discussion and practical demonstrations and exercises. Trainees will be assessed through practical exercises and scenarios.

Learning Outcomes
After having successfully completed this BST First Aid Module, the participants will have the ability to:

Act independently in recognising, assessing, and prioritising the need for basic first aid and providing lifesaving first aid until the casualty can be handed over to the next level of care in case of an incident in the wind turbine industry/WTG (Wind Turbine Generation) environment.

Take responsibility for recognising their limitations as a basic first aider, calling for help and enable evacuation off the casualty in case of an incident in the wind turbine industry/WTG (Wind Turbine Generation) environment.

Ongoing Maintenance of Skills
In alignment with industry expectations and to ensure ongoing competency and currency GWO recommends course refreshers be conducted every two (2) years.

Authority / Regulator
This training is regulated and endorsed by Global Wind Organisation (GWO).

Training Standard Prerequisites
A WINDA ID will be required for this course – all certification will be uploaded to WINDA and no hard copy of a certificate will be printed at the end of training day(s).

Medical Requirements
There is no medical required for this course however the participants are required to read and sign a health questionnaire and statement of participation prior to commencing training declaring their fitness and ability to perform certain physically demanding elements.

Additional Requirements
Due to equipment safety restrictions and industry standards, there is a participant weight limit of 120kg for this course. All participants will be weighed during course to ensure they are within the limits of the equipment being utilised.

Additional Information
As a certified GWO Training Provider, ERGT will add your training records to WINDA.

  • Participants will be able to verify their training records through their WINDA login
  • Employers will be able to verify your training records through their WINDA login

Course Feedback (Q1 2024, 46 respondents)

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate ERGT’s training (the combination of our facility, trainer delivery, course materials and course structure) 9.4
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident do you feel in applying the skills and knowledge covered in the course at your workplace? 9.2
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate ERGT’s management of your safety while participating in your training with us today? 9.5
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