Respond to Helideck Incident Skills Maintenance Perth

Revisit & Maintain Skills Required to Respond to an Incident on a Helideck

ERGT Australia’s Helideck Incident Skills Maintenance course is designed for individuals who have already attained the required units of competency and are also required to demonstrate ongoing competence and capability.

These competencies are required by personnel working in support of helicopter operations at a remote location or specialised helideck landing facility. In the event of an incident these personnel would undertake a front line role in rescue operations and damage control. These personnel will have a good working knowledge of all aircraft hazards, aircraft construction, hazards in the operation of the aircraft and their employers / clients emergency response procedures for the Helideck.

Learning Outcomes

The expected learning outcomes for this course are:

  • Respond to aircraft emergencies
  • Evacuate personnel and attend to casualties
  • Conduct tactical operations
  • Conclude operations and preserve the scene

ERGT Required Skills and Knowledge
Evidence of the following prior skills and knowledge must be provided to ERGT for verification prior to course commencement:

PMAOMIR302 Respond to a helideck incident

ERGT Desired Skills and Knowledge
Individuals should have maintained and be able to demonstrate the below skills and knowledge:

  • Responding to a fire incident
  • Operational use of breathing apparatus
  • Participation in helideck emergency response drills

Structure and Assessment
This course is delivered using classroom presentations and participant discussion. Trainees will demonstrate their competence while conducting practical exercises under direct observation.

Medical and Health Standards
A medical certificate is not required for this course, however a health questionnaire and declaration of fitness will be required at course registration. Please contact ERGT for any concerns regarding completion of practical training and assessment requirements and to discuss options for reasonable adjustments.

Additional Requirements
A government issued photo identification is required for course registration.

Skills Maintenance
In alignment with industry expectations and to ensure ongoing competence and capability ERGT recommends skills maintenance be conducted every 2 years.

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Upon successful completion trainees will be issued with a Certificate of Currency in:
Respond to a Helideck Incident

Also Known as

HDI Helideck Fire Fighting Helideck Incident

Common Occupations

Crane Operator, Roustabout, Roughneck, Integrated Rating, Logistics, Scaffolder, Rigger, Marine Officer, Operations Team Member, Maintenance Team Member, Manning, Crewing, Human Resources, Supervisor

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