Technical Rescue Skills Maintenance Perth

Refresh skills and competency in vertical rescue and confined space.


ERGT’s Technical Rescue Skills Maintenance is designed for emergency response team members to maintain the skills and knowledge required to undertake vertical rescues in a range of situations and confined spaces.

Technical rescue skills are critical in mining due to operations involving work in hazardous environments, such as underground tunnels and open-pit mines, where workers are exposed to numerous risks such as fires, explosions, roof collapses and machinery accidents. These risks can cause serious injuries or fatalities and therefore it is important to have technical rescue skills to ensure personnel safety.

The rescue operations in mining often require specialised knowledge, techniques, and equipment to deal with the unique hazards and conditions of mining environments.

ERGT’s skills maintenance programs provide ongoing competence and capability assurance to high-risk industries.  Having previously attained the prerequisite Unit of Competence, a candidate’s skills and knowledge are benchmarked, updated and assessed against standardised performance criteria, ensuring consistent outcomes.

The training programs are conducted in immersive, high-fidelity workplace aligned environments that increase overall retention, recall and reliability when back in the workplace.

Course Availability

ERGT’s Technical Rescue Skills Maintenance course is conducted at our safety training centre in Perth, WA. Please enquire online or call us on (08) 9417 6900 for more information.

Structure and Assessment

This course is delivered through classroom presentations, group discussion and practical demonstrations and exercises. Trainees will demonstrate their competence through written and practical assessment.

Learning Outcomes

The Elements of Competency listed below describe the essential outcomes aligned to the industry performance expectations.

Undertake vertical rescue:

  • Prepare and respond to vertical rescue
  • Assess scene
  • Establish vertical rescue system
  • Perform vertical rescue
  • Terminate vertical rescue operations

Undertake confined space rescue:

  • Prepare for confined space rescue operation
  • Assess and manage confined space rescue
  • Determine location and condition of casualties
  • Gain entry to confined space
  • Remove casualties
  • Conclude rescue operations

Skills Maintenance

In alignment with industry expectations and to ensure ongoing competence and capability ERGT recommends skills maintenance be conducted every 2 years.

ERGT Required Skills and Knowledge

Evidence of the following prior skills and knowledge must be provided to ERGT for verification prior to course commencement:

  • PUAFIR207 Operate breathing apparatus open circuit
  • PUASAR025 Undertake confined space rescue
  • PUASAR032 Undertake vertical rescue
    or equivalent

Medical Requirements

A health questionnaire and declaration of fitness will be required at course registration. Please contact ERGT for any concerns regarding completion of practical training and assessment requirements and to discuss options for reasonable adjustments.

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Upon successful completion trainees will be issued with a Certificate of Currency in:

  • Technical Rescue Skills Maintenance

Also Known as


Common Occupations

Emergency Response Team Member, Emergency Response Team Leader, Emergency Response Volunteer, Driller, Blaster, Digger Operator, Truck Driver, Emergency Response Officer, Emergency Services Officer

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