ERGT supports the Australian Government’s response to COVID-19.

Our locations around Australia are open and are committed to working with our clients to support their training needs.

ERGT follows strict health and safety protocols and continues to follow all Government health advice and maintain operations under the direction of our Pandemic Preparedness & Response Plan and our COVID-19 Safety Management Plan. Where necessary we enforce strict additional safety protocols in place to protect our trainees, trainers and staff,  including mandatory facemasks, only key staff on site, physical distancing, temperature checking on arrival and hand sanitisation stations.

Please direct any enquires to our National Sales and Service team on 1300 374 828 and ensure you follow the latest Government Health advice before arriving to our training centres.


In January 2020, ERGT Australia formed its COVID-19 Incident Management Team, drawing in expertise from our own internal emergency management function and industry experts to guide the organisation through this pandemic.

The downloadable ERGT COVID-19 Response Protocol Summary gives an overview of key controls that are implemented across Perth, Melbourne and Darwin training facilities.

An abridged version of ERGT Pandemic Preparedness Response Plan and the Management Plan is also available that reflects the depth of our pragmatic strategy and managing the risks of the pandemic within all our facilities.

Please feel free to get in touch with our HSE Manager, Wayne Bajars at w.bajars@ergt.com.au to view the full version.


To help us contain the spread of the virus and to stay up-to-date with potential border closures / restrictions, exposure site locations and contact tracing register systems (relevant to your State and travelling to State) please review the States & Territory Government websites below.


Before you arrive at an ERGT training centre please review the Government Health advice websites (above) and be aware of any potential exposure site locations and / or restrictions.

Please ensure you have read and completed the Trainee / Visitor Declaration prior to your arrival.



The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association is the peak national body representing Australia’s oil and gas exploration and production industry. ERGT Australia, being an associate member of APPEA is mirroring their COVID-19 protocols. Please read  here.


The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia is the peak resources sector representative body in Western Australia. ERGT Australia is a member which gives us key access to daily updates on COVID-19, and access to key strategic framework such as Implementation plan for COVID-19 in the resources sector. You can read here.


ERGT Australia supports and contributes to the safety culture that Safer Together’s  leads, formed by member-led organisation of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Industry Operating Companies and Contract Partner Companies. Read here to see onshore and offshore COVID-19 protocols to keep all workforce safe in the oil and gas industry.


NOPSEMA is working with industry and government to reduce the risks associated with COVID-19 and prioritise the well-being of offshore workers while ensuring critical oil and gas supply is maintained.

ERGT Australia, being an essential safety training provider, appreciates and follows key announcements on COVID-19 that they share as compliance regulators with the industry and contractors. Read more here.

Member and News updates

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