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We are proud to be 100% COVID free, made possible by a collective effort demonstrated by our staff, trainees, and visitors. Our Melbourne safety training facility is following the Stage 4 restriction level. Click here to review restriction and download permitted worker forms, applicable for Victoria. Employers needing their employees to travel on work/ attend essential training will need a travel permit.

We could further assist,  individuals not employed at the moment or sole traders needing to attend training at our facility. Please call us on 1300 374 828 to discuss your needs.

We are standing with you now and for the future.

Shane Addis, ERGT’s Managing Director shares his view on how the organisation adapted and responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.



Critical Supplier

ERGT Australia is operating under a comprehensive pandemic strategy to ensure we can continue to support the Energy, Resources, Maritime, Utilities and Defence Industries. With the risks being quite varied across Australia, we have adopted our COVID restrictions & controls mirroring the regional requirements.

Socially Responsible

As a socially responsible Australian business we are doing everything possible to 'Stop the Spread‘. All ERGT training facilities meet our client’s expectations of a controlled worksite.

ERGT Pandemic Preparedness Response Plan

A comprehensive 50 page ‘Pandemic Preparedness Response Plan’ provides the framework for ERGT to effectively manage the COVID-19 response. Please feel free to get in touch with our HSE Manager, Wayne Bajars at for the full copy.

Total Isolation Training Zone

Our approach to the training delivery is modified to either significantly minimise the time spent at our training facilities or ensure a isolation training zone, where ever possible.

Embracing Change

We are committed to keeping our trainees, visitors and our team safe while at our facilities and will continue to adapt and change as required. Majority of our non-training staff continues to work from home(WFH).


In January 2020, ERGT Australia formed its COVID-19 Incident Management Team, drawing in expertise from our own internal emergency management function and industry experts to guide the organisation through this pandemic.

The downloadable ERGT COVID-19 Response Protocol Summary gives an overview of key controls that are implemented across Perth, Melbourne and Darwin training facilities.

An abridged version of ERGT Pandemic Preparedness Response Plan and the Management Plan is also available that reflects the depth of our pragmatic strategy and managing the risks of the pandemic within all our facilities.

Please feel free to get in touch with our HSE Manager, Wayne Bajars at to view the full version.




ERGT Australia is committed to keep everyone at the facility safe. Please review all the documents. We are 100% COVID-19 FREE and continue to do so with your support.

ERGT Trainee-Visitor Self-Declaration Information


Help us to contain the spread of the virus, please review the questions here. You are only required to fill in the form, upon arrival on the day of the training.

Advice on travelling to and around Victoria

Find all information, relevant to Victoria on COVID-19 here, including downloadable forms for ‘Worker Permit Scheme’ which essentially allows employees to travel to work through the permit scheme that the employer arranges.

Please call us at 1300 374 828 to secure a letter for travel to ERGT, especially for individuals not employed at the moment or sole traders needing travel support document to attend training at our facility.

Advice on travelling to and around Western Australia


WA State border Closures are in place to limit the spread of COVID-19.

You cannot enter Western Australia unless an exemption has been granted.

Anyone who thinks they meet the criteria outlined in the Quarantine (Closing the Border) Directions has to  apply for an exemption. Find up to date info here.

Launched on 20th April : Use the G2G PASS app to apply for approval to travel, and receive proof of your exemption prior to travel. Get the APP
Complete the paper-based exemption application form prior to travel and submit to with supporting documentation.

Read and download WA Entry – Request for Approval as an Exempt Traveller here.


State and territory border closures


Some states and territories in Australia have closed their borders to non-essential travel due to COVID-19. Each state or territory has their own entry requirements.Get up to date information here.





The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association is the peak national body representing Australia’s oil and gas exploration and production industry. ERGT Australia, being an associate member of APPEA is mirroring their COVID-19 protocols. Please read  here.


The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia is the peak resources sector representative body in Western Australia. ERGT Australia is a member which gives us key access to daily updates on COVID-19, and access to key strategic framework such as Implementation plan for COVID-19 in the resources sector. You can read here.


ERGT Australia supports and contributes to the safety culture that Safer Together’s  leads, formed by member-led organisation of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Industry Operating Companies and Contract Partner Companies. Read here to see onshore and offshore COVID-19 protocols to keep all workforce safe in the oil and gas industry.


NOPSEMA is working with industry and government to reduce the risks associated with COVID-19 and prioritise the well-being of offshore workers while ensuring critical oil and gas supply is maintained.

ERGT Australia, being an essential safety training provider, appreciates and follows key announcements on COVID-19 that they share as compliance regulators with the industry and contractors. Read more here.


Take a peek at ERGT's latest COVID-19 initiatives and Industry updates


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