ERGT Australia RTO Re-Registration Granted

23 September 2019

ERGT Australia (RTO 2534) Re-registered as an RTO until 31/08/26

ERGT Australia is proud to announce that we successfully completed our ASQA re-registration audit with zero non-compliances in August this year. ASQA has issued our Certificate of Registration, valid to 31st August 2026.

We have worked hard in recent years to align many of our business procedures to ASQAs enhanced, student-centred audit approach. ERGTs ‘Learner Centred Framework’ allows us to maintain high levels of safety, engagement and relevance in training whilst also adhering to the Standards for RTOs 2015.

We understand that the balance between training assurance and learner outcomes is important to industry, our clients and trainees. We thank those who have engaged with us so far and we look forward to continuing to engage with you all to deliver this balance well into the future.

RTO Reregistration Registered Training Organisation ASQA
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