Helideck Operations (HDO) has landed at ERGT

22 February 2023

ERGT are proud to announce the new Helideck Operations (HDO) course at our Perth Safety Training Centre, commencing 3 April 2023.

The two day course is for personnel who are to be appointed to the role of an Offshore Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) and / or Offshore Helideck Assistant (HDA). Aligned to the OPITO training standards, this course has been endorsed by Safer Together and meets Safer Together HLO Training specifications developed by the Aviation Working Group.

This course is a specialised training program designed to teach individuals how to safely and effectively coordinate helicopter operations on offshore installations (oil rigs or platforms), and for those working in adjacent sectors such as maritime and aviation.

Key learning outcomes include a strong understanding of offshore helideck regulations and guidelines, hazards and management systems; Helideck Landing Officer and Helideck Assistant responsibilities during a helicopter landing and departure; cargo and passenger handling; and communications procedures. The Helicopter Operations course is important for ensuring the safety and efficiency of helicopter operations on offshore installations, which is critical for the smooth operation of the offshore oil and gas industry.

This course is delivered using a mix of classroom presentations, activities and discussions. Practical components are delivered within a simulated workplace environment, utilising specialised equipment (including a helideck and decommissioned helicopter).

For more information on the course and scheduling availability, please click here.

ERGT currently offers a one-day Helicopter Landing Officer course which will be removed from scope in 2023.


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