The ERGT Difference

It might be a cliché, but it really is our people who are our secret weapon. We have a talented, dedicated and professional team who bring their best to work every day. They believe in what we do and how important it is for our clients. They know that getting people home safe to their families can only happen if they are committed to their jobs.

With staff who have spent decades with us, this is a workplace that people feel confident to offer new solutions, and progress their careers. But why take it from us. Find out what our team has to say about it themselves.

Jon, Trainer and Assessor

“Being a trainer is a career, not just a job.”

Jon has been an adult educator throughout his career and has found a niche at ERGT Australia where the balance between practical problem-solving and theory is heavily weighted towards a hands-on approach.

“We have a good balance and do a lot of practical training in our courses. I have also had the opportunity to diversify and I now lead courses in everything from firefighting to the maritime sector. I particularly like the focus on emergency response, from first-strike response through to IMT and CMT training.”

Steve, Trainer and Assessor

“It’s the people I work with who are the highlight.”

Steve has worked all over the world during his time with the Royal Navy in the UK, but it is his role as a trainer and assessor at ERGT Australia that has come the most naturally to him. He is one of two AMSA-approved lecturers based at the Perth training centre.

“Half the challenge is getting people in the course to trust you because they’re often very experienced in their own right. ERGT Australia has credibility which really helps particularly in industries like oil and gas, and maritime. As a job there is opportunity for growth in different areas and the ability to keep our skills up-to-date.”

Steve, Client Partnerships

“We deliver the right result.”

Former firefighter Steve Dwyer joined the ERGT Australia team in a role that tailors delivery of training to meet the needs of clients.

“Timeframes can be a real challenge. Clients often need to mobilise a workforce with a specific accreditation at short notice. Achieving that, while at the same time minimising disruption to the day-to-day roles of training participants, is a key focus to make sure we deliver the right result. We know our clients want accurate information, prompt service, and solutions to their training needs so we work every day to deliver that.”

Tanya, Training Standards

“This industry often changes, and that keeps things interesting.”

Tanya is tasked with ensuring ERGT Australia’s training courses are updated to align with any changes relevant to Australia’s Registered Training Organisations, particularly in reference to compliance and accreditation.

“I have a background in working with RTOs so I know how quickly things can move. It is one of the most interesting components of the job because it often changes and there are a range of accreditation organisations. We are always looking for ways to improve our offering to clients because the organisations that engage us need to be confident the training we deliver is up-to-date, relevant, compliant and accredited.”

Ali, Catering Coordinator

“We just have so much fun and there is great banter.”

The ERGT Australia cafeteria in Perth would not be the same without Alison’s Scottish accent and quick wit, where she leads a seven-person catering team. Ali is a stalwart of the business, popular with training participants who look forward to the catering provided during training.

“People eat with their eyes so I always make sure we have a wide range of food, lots different salads and a couple of hot options – today there is lasagne and chilli con carne on baked potatoes. Our hot meals are brought in from off-site and I always look for whatever is in-season for salads. I have had fantastic feedback over the years, particularly when we introduce new things to the menu and mix it up a bit. I have a great team with me and the people here really are like a family.”

Josh, Learning & Assessment Manager, Perth

“Make no mistake, this training is serious and can absolutely help save a life.”

Josh is happy to admit he gets a kick out of his work, which is providing training participants with the skills and knowledge they need to stay safe in complex and hazardous workplaces. Josh took advantage of ERGT Australia’s growth to work in Melbourne for a couple of years before rejoining the Perth-based team.

“I get to deliver creative, engaging training that makes sure our training participants take the right behaviours back to work. I know they walk out the door after completing a course better prepared for their workplaces.”

Denise, Customer Relationship Specialist
“What people learn here can help save lives”

Denise is driven by a deep understanding of how critical the training delivered by ERGT Australia can be. She works one-on-one with training participants and has been with ERGT since 2000.

“My children work offshore so safety is incredibly important to me and my family. We know when you’re out on site, there are no emergency services like you have in the city to come to the rescue. What people learn here can save lives. ERGT does not take a ‘tick-and-flick approach’ and that is important to me – instead we’re about giving people the knowledge and skills to take with them to the workplace so they can come home safe to their families.”

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