Our training philosophy

ERGT Australia places the learner at the centre of its business. Each touchpoint has been designed to deliver the optimum learning experience that complies with government regulations, and is supported by a framework that provides consistent outcomes.

1. Informing our clients

All our materials describing our training courses are created to be accurate, easy-to-understand, relevant and compliant. We market our training courses and operations with integrity, and align with the needs of our stakeholders, including our collaborators, regulators and clients. This ensures participants and their employers can be confident the training they undertake is relevant and can be applied in the workplace.

2. Engaging to deliver on the needs of our clients

When we develop a new training product, we start with a robust Training Needs Analysis to determine requirements of the course. For our existing courses, we regularly engage with industry to collect and implement feedback on our training and assessment strategies by taking a continuous improvement approach. Participants receive relevant, industry-specific training that ensures they are skilled and work-ready for high risk industries.

3. Make booking easy

In addition to our online booking system, ERGT Australia is just call away for knowledgeable, friendly and helpful customer service to guide prospective training participants to an appropriate course that suits their needs. Our staff are armed with accurate and relevant information to address speedy training queries, without compromising on accuracy.

4. Delivery-readiness

We invest in the right people and apply robust development to ensure our trainers are of the highest quality. ERGT Australia operates within HSE and quality frameworks managed by dedicated staff to ensure our business maintains the highest level of safety, quality and compliance. This includes collaborating closely with industry to ensure outcomes are delivered efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. We welcome operational and administrative audits conducted by our industry partners. This means training participants receive engaging and compliant training delivered by highly-skilled professional staff, in an environment that delivers value for money.

5. Delivery and assessment

ERGT Australia’s investment in a dedicated product development team ensures training participants are provided with high standard training material and a consistent experience regardless of which centre they attend. This is achieved through a nationally-consistent framework including exercise briefs and marking guides.

6. Course completion

We take the compliance requirements set by our regulators seriously, and have invested in a dedicated National Sales and Service team who are responsible for certificate production, records administration and invoicing processes. This ensures compliant, timely and hassle-free certificate generation and delivery of post-training administration that satisfies the internal requirements of our clients. We strive to deliver an enhanced experience for training participants.

7. Continuous improvement

We put great emphasis on continuous improvement across the organisation and actively seek feedback from training participants and our business clients to drive our program. This helps us to deliver the most up-to-date, engaging and relevant training.

Regular audits and validations ensure both clients and training participants receive the right course materials, right assessment and right standard for the job.

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