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Transition to New Streamlined Units of Competency

06 December 2016

Transition to New Streamlined Units of Competency

NRT training packages have recently been updated as a result of a project commissioned by Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Australia. These changes simplify and streamline the content of training packages and Units of Competency (UOC).


The project was undertaken in response to a request for training packages to be arranged in ways that are reflective of the needs of key stakeholders.

What are Units of Competency?

UOCs  provide a statement of the skills and knowledge required for effective performance in a work situation, this is also known as a work outcome. Each UOC has specific assessment requirements. These determine the evidence individuals must demonstrate in order to be deemed competent. The updated assessment guidance clearly and concisely all mandatory requirements for assessment.

The Effect

The streamlining process achieved simplification of the structure of VET learning and assessment in order to:

  • Meet the needs of a diverse range industries and people
  • Improve flexibility
  • Acknowledge the need to specify language, literacy and numeracy requirements
  • Provide more prescriptive assessment instruction
  • Offer companion volumes to instruct RTOs and provide guidance on learning strategies, knowledge conditions, assessment strategies and tools.

What ERGT Australia is Doing

ERGT will be transitioning 26 superseded UOCs to the new streamlined UOC over the next 7 months (this will effect approximately 100 ERGT courses). UOCs that we are transitioning are listed in the table below.

ERGT’s review of the new UOCs indicates that the training and assessment content is equivalent and will not require the development of new courseware, however all of ERGT’s compliance, booking, marketing, invoicing and controlling documentation will be updated to display the new unit codes.

How it Effects You

Both new and old UOCs may be listed on employee competency roadmaps until July 2017. This should eliminate confusion over the next 7 months when it is possible that UOC codes on certification and booking paperwork may not match records as each unit transitions.

This will not affect currently held certificates, certificates will be valid until expiry or when attending skills maintenance courses. Pre-requisites will still be accepted in the old UOC codes.


Old Unit TransitioningNew Streamlined Unit of CompetencyScheduled progress on scope
MSAPMOHS110AMSMWHS110 Follow emergency response proceduresBy 16 Dec 16
MSAPMOHS200AMSMWHS200 Work safelyBy 16 Dec 16
MSAPMOHS205AMSMWHS205 Control minor incidentsBy 16 Dec 16
MSAPMOHS212AMSMWHS212 Undertake first response to fire incidentsBy 1 June 17
MSAPMOHS216AMSMWHS216 Operate breathing apparatusBy 1 June 17
MSAPMOHS217AMSMWHS217 Gas test atmospheresBy 1 June 17
MSAPMPER200CMSMOHS200 Work in accordance with an issued permitBy 16 Dec 16
MSAPMPER201AMSMPER201 Monitor and control work permitsBy 1 June 17
MSAPMPER202AMSMPER202 Observe permit workBy 1 June 17
MSAPMPER205CMSMPER205 Enter confined spaceBy 1 June 17
MSAPMPER300CMSMPER300 Issue work permitsBy 1 June 17
PMAOHS213BPMAWHS213 Undertake fire control and emergency rescuesBy 1 June 17
PMAOHS214BPMAWHS214 Undertake helicopter safety and escapeBy 1 June 17
PMAOHS215BPMAWHS215 Apply offshore facility abandonment and sea survival procedures and practicesBy 1 June 17
PMAOHS311BPMAWHS311 Lead emergency teamsBy 1 June 17
PMAOHS312BPMAWHS312 Command the operation of survival craftBy 16 Dec 16
PMAOHS511APMAWHS511 Manage emergency incidentsBy 1 June 17
PMAOMIR210BPMAOMIR210 Control evacuation to muster pointBy 16 Dec 16
PMAOMIR302BPMAOMIR302 Respond to a helideck incidentBy 1 June 17
PMAOMIR305APMAOMIR305 Operate panel during an emergencyBy 16 Dec 16
PMAOMIR320BPMAOMIR320 Manage incident response informationBy 1 June 17
PMAOMIR418BPMAOMIR418 Coordinate incident responseBy 1 June 17
PMAOMIR444BPMAOMIR444 Develop incident containment tacticsBy 1 June 17
PMASUP311APMASUP311 Operate communications hubBy 16 Dec 16


Should you wish to clarify any aspects of this forthcoming change please have no hesitation in contacting ERGT on

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